1. Posted by azuru23, — Reply

    When you think you had no homework but the group chat talk about the 50 page assignment y'all have for tomorrow

  2. Posted by lsg3103, — Reply

    When ur in an argument and you so aggressively scream that you're right but then you realize that the other person is right but it's too embarrassing to stop now

  3. Posted by ChocoOwl707, — Reply

    When you choose a choice in a visual novel and the character you were speaking to makes a different reaction from the one you expected

  4. Posted by rltolputtbruce, — Reply

    Hi everyone! Hope your having a great day, can you please check out my page, I am really active on Pinterest so will always message you back if you message me! I am always here if ANYONE needs to talk to me! Thank you in advance! ButterflyLion xx

  5. Posted by that_kid_in_the_corner, — Reply

    when you still got the 6 essay questions and 3 math problems that have part a b c d and e all due midnight and it's almost 1030

  6. Posted by hiya2810, — Reply

    When you finish a test and turn it in, happy, but your friend says, "man the second page was tough" and you go, "what second page"

  7. Posted by 1FangirI, — Reply

    (If you want) could you possibly check out my account and possibly give me a follow, I’m looking to grow my account and aiming for 100 followers. Thank you so much!!

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    Hello all I would appreciate it if you check out my account I’ve been working hard on it for the last couple days and I know these are annoying but I would really appreciate it! If you do check it out can you maybe follow me?

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    Hey beauties ✨ been tryin to grow on Pinterest so if you got a sec. make sure to check out my boards and follow me I follow back 💍😌

  10. Posted by simoeltayeb3, — Reply

    when u ask your crush who they like and they reply with "yeah you" and u get all excited and you tell them u too like him/her and then he/she replies with "no I meant yeah I have a crush and what about u" that emoji my friends is perfect fir this scenario 😂👍

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